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Vision, Purpose, Aims & Objectives

Leeds LGBT+ Forum is a community function organisation with a vision to:

Connect and strengthen the diverse breadth of LGBTQ+ individuals, groups and communities within Leeds.

Build a collaborative and sustainable LGBTQ+ community, culture and economy.



Amplifying the voices and increasing networking and involvement opportunities for the people and organisations within the diverse strands and strata of LGBT+ communities, towards positive personal, sociable and practical outcomes.


Promoting the breadth of diversity of all LGBTQ+ people in Leeds and their intersectionality as it occurs in our community.


Developing inclusive and rounded representation of all LGBTQ+ people at meetings and events; and influencing LGBTQ+-friendly businesses and other stakeholders to support our endeavours.


Supporting and collaborating with groups and sub-groups on initiatives and projects of shared interest, for self and mutual benefit.


Being a platform for information on LGBTQ+ and LGBTQ+ related organisations, groups and events.



To encourage and create opportunities for networking within the LGBTQ+ community.

New ideas

To be a platform for new ideas and initiatives to benefit the LGBTQ+ community, to be heard with the possibility of creating subgroups to take actions forward.


To generate discussion and debate; socialising and projects; support to access funding; and contribute towards a progressive, inclusive, collaborative and united LGBTQ+ culture.


To actively involve people from the diverse strands and strata of Leeds LGBTQ+ communities.


To be supportive of known LGBTQ+ individuals and groups per se; and provide specific support to identified activities, initiatives and projects.

Arts, Business and Professional Sectors


Incorporating aspects of holistic health and well-being particularly necessary amongst LGBTQ+ communities.


Improving advocacy; increasing employment and business opportunities for LGBTQ+ people and under-represented groups; increasing understanding of intersectionality within LGBTQ+ sector.


Developing awareness of and supporting access to LGBTQ+ history, education, culture and arts; and increasing involvement opportunities.


To be a platform for new ideas and initiatives that benefit LGBTQ+ people and communities.

Pledge your support

If you’re interested and would like to discuss more, please register on our pledge page.

We are LGBTQ+ people only *except for parents, carers and support workers accompanying people attending our activities.