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If you’re interested or would like to know more, please register on this page.

We are LGBTQ+ people only *except for parents, carers and support workers accompanying people attending our activities.

In regard of our work with under 18 year-olds, we include ‘W’ for wondering, encouraging non-mainstream open-mindedness and fluidity, and supportive socialising.

Please make a pledge to register either as an individual, as an active worker in a relevant organisation or both.

Our existing mailing list is being cleared, so if you’re on it please reconnect with us on this page.

We welcome all LGBTQ+ individuals who work, live or play in Leeds – wherever on your journey, and expect warmth, good nature and friendliness between us.

Good behaviour and good practice are essentially as per Wharf Chambers ethos and policies.

We operate a LGBTQ+ only* policy. This ensures safe, collaborative tribe spaces.
*except non-LGBTQ+ parents/guardians, carers and support workers accompanying participants at events and activities.

Full print version available here

Simplified version here [1] [2]

*1. Optional: This information can help us get funding related to specific groups.

*2. We intend raising the profile of intersectionality and increasing ‘fringe-dweller’ involvement for benefits to all. We therefore welcome input from people with different and diverse brain-wiring, thinking and lived experience.

*3. To help plan refreshments and quantities for meetings and activities.

Please share; and print and distribute to people not digitally connected or digitally confident.

Please share our contact details with friends, neighbours or others – of any age, who may benefit from connecting with the LGBTQ+ community in Leeds.

Postal address: Leeds LGBT+ Forum, 18 Brudenell Rd, Leeds LS6 1BD
Email: [email protected]