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On 28 October 2020 we were allocated our own community allotment on Woodhouse Moor. With thanks to Hollie at Wharf Chambers who promoted it via Instagram, eleven interested people signed up and work began on Friday 20 November.

We’ve had a few visits to start planning and done an initial assessment of structures, repairs and maintenance. Information and registration forms are now being distributed and once data is inputted, arrangements will be made for small groups to begin work. We expect this to be from around the end of November.

Arrangements will be made stringently in line with Gov.UK and Leeds City Council rules and guidance.

An induction / orientation to the project and tasks will be provided on first visit or work attendance.

Lots to do in the fresh air in small groups: Tidying and preparing for winter; structural repairs and maintenance; development planning.

Watch for updates and if interested in knowing more or to book one or more one-and-a-half to two hour work slots.

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